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Deuteros A Old Remake To New
Hello. I have changed the page. The new work on Deuteros takes more work then i was expecting. And the work that i got after my retiredment take a lot of my time. So the deuteros project is slowing down. But i will not shift it aside. Now i have the time to make it. Only problem is that the old version is not windows 11 compatible (At my system its crashed). And the old program language is not supported any more. Did a lot of research for the new programming language, so it will this time  run in the future to. The new program language took time to understand it. Now i working on it. Not much is done in the new code. A lot of trial and error to make it work.
I am on build 986. Compiled version 0.01a . I did started completly from the start. No old code using. Witch in turn could cause problems. For now there is not much to do. I do not upload it. Because the game will halt after aubout  30 min of playing. Not the game itself but there is not much to do then. Please keep patiant I am hard working on it now. 
To see the progress go to the page TODO Deuteros. There you can see where i am.
Progress very slow.

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