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Deuteros A Old Remake To New
Hello. I have changed the page. The new work on Deuteros takes more work then i was expecting. And the work that i got after my retiredment take a lot of my time. So the deuteros project is slowing down. But i will not shift it aside. So every smal hour i got i work on it. Its on a new program that works better. The game is running from the start under windows of fullscreen. The player can choose it at the start. The rest stay the same. So the old code hat to transfered to the new language. 
For the download ik have choos a new way. The program is devide in 2 parts. A 32 bits part and a 64 bits part. And the data part is also to download apart from the main game. This make the file to downlaod smaller and faster. Inclduing correcting mistakes. The language files is also split up. Cause i could not keep up correcting them every time a small thing was changed.
Next build 2034. This one is for the research upgrade. When the team reach the end of all research the next level is initiated.
And the player can go forward. This upgrade is automaticly. So nothing has to be done to make it happend.
A few things did notice to me. 
Status Shuttle in station view wrong when shuttle is not active.
Resource displaying nog good
Resource linking in station wrong 

These things i wil resolve first.

After a long time silend. Here a new update.
Not any extention but a few staps back. When the first part of the station is build the sience did not get a signal that they can build some SGS ships. That is now corrected. The only problem now is when you already hase made the station complete The signal wil never come. I hope you have a early save so you can get the signal. 
Next step is to make the sience lab also cappable of desinging them.
Test this and i here what the problems are, The build is 2030.

Sorry for al the troubble. My system is running now completly. Had some problems to get the internet connection for the FTP transfere. But that is solved now to. The comming weeks the release wil be irregular cause of the moving from city to city for me. But i try to do it as good as possible. This release 1995 did rebuild the Shuttle bay cause it was last afther the HDD crash. 
I know that earth shuttle is working but station shuttlebay is maybe not complete. 
Have fun.

One bug reported and solved. The ground resource was the check for making items. Wrong this must be the in stock resource.
The cheat to get the station ready is working. The entry on all the drawers on the side is working. BUT not all entrie's has a
acces to some code. So the screen stay blank. Use the SPACE BAR to go back to the main screen.
Build numbmer 1963. Happy testing. 

DeuterosX64 Build 1963
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